33 Creating Unique Short Films: Supot Creator Phil Giordano


phil_bio_pic_supot_mainPhil Giordano is an Italian-American filmmaker from Staten Island, New York.  He received his MFA from New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia.  Immediately after graduating, he accepted a contract to work as a writer director at Abundant Productions, one of the top production companies in Singapore.  While there, they were nominated for Production Agency of the Year.  Phil has worked on campaigns for Audi, Samsung, Guinness and Citibank and has won two commercial awards. His NYU thesis script SUPOT was a finalist at the Starz Denver Screenwriting Competition, a Semi-Finalist at the SHOWTIME Tony Cox Screenwriting Competition and an official selection in the Screenwriting Category at the Beverly Hills Film Festival.  Phil currently  lives and works in Singapore.

Check out Phil’s film Supot at www.SupotFilm.com 

Visit Phil at www.PhilipGiordano.com

31 How to Gain and Maintain Clients: Zephan Blaxberg



Zephan Blaxberg is a professional videographer.  His client list is extensive and in this episode Zephan shares…

  • Tips on Finding New Clients
  • How Having a Good Mentor can Help Increase Revenue
  • The Value of Connecting with Other Videographers
  • Tips for Helping You Live the Life You Want to Live

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30 The Road to Producing and Management: Chas Scherer


ChasSchererChas Scherer is a literary manager, producer and actor based out of Los Angeles.  Among other things Chas shares…

  • What to Expect from a Manager
  • The Difference Between a Manager and an Agent
  • Overcoming Challenges

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29 Utilizing Video Livestreaming: Jeff Adams


JeffAdamsShowJeff Adams is host of The Jeff Adams Show and has appeared at events such as NAB!  His knowledge of video livestream has become legendary.  In this episode, Jeff shares with us…

  • Why you should be utilizing video livestream
  • Why livestream is important in helping market your projects
  • What cameras to consider when looking to upgrade your livestream
  • Services to use etc

Jeff also opens up about some personal hardship he’s faced recently and what he’s done to help himself stay fired up about the work he loves!

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28: 5 MORE Podcasts 4 Indie Filmmakers!!


FilmmakersFocus_700x700_Another_5_PodcastsAs podcasts grow in popularity it can be difficult to know what shows are worth your time.  In episode I shared 5 Podcasts Every Indie Filmmaker Should Subscribe To!!  Here are 5 MORE podcasts that are more than worth the time!  Each episode is packed with nuggets that will help you grow as an #IndieFilmmaker!!  I highly suggest you subscribe to each and listen to episodes you’ve yet to.  Share this with your filmmaking friends and grow in your craft together!

27 Networking Like a Pro! Stage 32 CEO Rich “RB” Botto



Stage32_Rich “RB” Botto is founder and CEO of www.Stage32.com, a US-based social network and educational site for creative professionals who work in film, television and theater.  RichBottoStage 32 links professionals in the entertainment industry including directors, writers, actors and entertainment staff.  Rich shares his thoughts on why networking is VITAL to your success in the entertainment industry and how you can use Stage 32 to help make that happen!

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